My Work

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The Broken Union series (Book One: A Matter of Ancient History, complete, standalone possible; Book 2: Loyalty to the Max: WIP)
Chronicles of the Whorl (Book One: The Star-Crossed Empire, complete, standalone possible. Book 2: The Cast-off Crown, WIP)
The Shining Palais (complete; standalone, or Book One of The Children of Gaia)


The Secret Life of Amalie Chaudry (Short Story, appx 4500 words, behind link)
Shining Palais on the Hill, Writer in Motion 2020 Season, impetus for Children of Gaia series. (Flash fiction, appx. 1000 words, behind link.)
The Stardust in Our Souls, Writer in Motion 2021 Season (flash fiction, behind link)


Infernal Her Grace (Chronicles of the Whorl sequel series Book One)

Hattie hadn’t lived as a queen, but she intended to die one.

Behold the Fall (Broken Union prequel series Book One)

The night Max channeled his inner wild thing and ruined his entire career began innocuously: with synth bass, a gin and tonic, and leather chaps.