Wound in the Stars

They hadn’t met until two days after the stomach-dropping, nipple-twisting, sphincter-squeezing experience that sent her ship into a dimensional rift. Just picture the contrast. She, Ren: self-proclaimed dust-addicted loser and lowly flight officer. Karenna: legendary Union captain. The same person, decades apart. Sisters by circumstance, teaming up, thanks to some bodacious ripples in space-time.

Captain Karenna Yilmaz of the Earth Union Fleet has it all. Adoring husband? Check. The enduring loyalty of her crew? Check. Transformation into a beautiful ageless immortal? Check. Check. Check. But when a dimensional rift brings her snarky, dust-sniffing, no-good younger self hurtling into the present, Karenna’s carefully-constructed life wavers. 

The younger Karenna, “Ren,” is pretty sick of the hand she’s been dealt. Her supervisor is an idiot. Her ex-husband is vindictive–and as the ship’s executive officer, holds power over her career. And now, here comes her future self, well-regarded and respected. Everyone, including perfect Cap’n Karenna, tries to conveniently forget the two of them are the same person.

The space-time anomaly leaves both ships stranded in an isolated star system, and now it’s affecting interstellar travel throughout the Union. If then space lanes permanently break, Karenna fails in her duty to both her crew and the Union, meaning she’s as useless and incompetent as Ren over there. And if Ren can’t get herself back to her reality and out of her “big sister’s” shadow, she’s going to languish in there forever, which sounds almost as boring as Karenna herself. But to get what they both want, they’ll have to work together to heal the rift, or be stuck with each other till the end of time.

The Pitch


One snarky dust-addicted loser.

One kickass immortal sailship captain.

They’re the same person, decades apart. And they’re about to team up, thanks to ripples in space-time, to save human ability to travel the stars.

The Logline:

An immortal starship captain works with her time-traveling younger self to save Earth from multiple rifts in space and time.

This is a standalone with series potential.


Book 2: LOYALTY TO THE MAX, is in progress, with a loose synopsis available upon request. (Click on aesthetic for more)

Book 3: STARDUST IN OUR SOULS, only exists currently as flash fiction. (Click on aesthetic for more)

Book 0: A standalone prequel series is also in progress. Book one: BEHOLD THE FALL. (Click on aesthetic for more)

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