I AM AN AMM MENTEE!!!! (AKA How I Got My Mentor)

I wrote this post a few days after announcements, but waited a while to actually publish it, because everything? About what we’re doing with this mentorship? Was up in the air? Because you see, it’s a long story… I don’t think normally I would make a “How I Got My Mentor” post because for most … Continue reading

Oh no I just told people in my life that I’m a writer, now what?

I guess it’s time for an FAQ! So you write? What do you write? Um..mostly science fiction/fantasy. Although I plan to branch out into romance and thriller. Isn’t that for kids? Isn’t that hacky stuff that anyone can churn out? Is it mostly all about white dudes flying around with lasers and/or swords? No. And … Continue reading

Writer In Motion Week 4: The Professional Editor

It’s the final week! I got the awesome services of Kota Rayne. They had really nice things to say about my story, especially the two things I know are my strengths: the dialogue and the incremental lead-up to the ending. But they wanted to see a little more in terms of motivations: why is Karenna … Continue reading

Writer In Motion Week 3- The CP Edit

I had two really awesome CPs assigned to me this week! I really enjoyed reading their stories, and their comments on mine were so helpful. The main thing they both said was that there was quite a lot of information up front in the story. I was worried about that, so it was good to … Continue reading

Writer In Motion Week 2: The Self Edit

Welcome to anooooother week! Unlike last season, I didn’t jump immediately into self-editing. In fact, I put it off, mostly because I didn’t have a plan. Last year I created a world out of whole cloth, and so a lot of my self edits was thinking about if my random world-building made sense. The other … Continue reading

Writer in Motion Week One: The First Draft

Last week, I blogged my first impressions on this season’s prompt. I knew I wanted to write from a male point of view, and I wanted to do something with the idea of something turning to ashes or dust. I also love adding dorky linguistic things into my short story (I am not a linguist, … Continue reading

Writer In Motion First Impressions

Hello and welcome to another season of Writer In Motion. This prompt is not what I was expecting! Especially after last season! Unlike last year, when I looked at it and knew exactly what I wanted to write, this time I’m at a bit of a loss. I even asked my kids what impressions they … Continue reading

More of my favorite writing/organizational things

In January, I wrote the most rambly post ever about organizational and writing tools when one has ADHD. I have a few updates. Hopefully, it’ll be less all-over-the-place. SAD Lamp: I had mentioned I was getting a huge lamp for my desk to replace the tiny pink one. Although I’m in a room that technically … Continue reading

Cell phone photography 101

I’m a hobbyist photographer with a lot of fun gear, but the more I focus on writing, the less I carry my big camera around. Phone cameras are great these days, and I’ve been asked before to give some tips and tricks, so I thought I’d post some excerpts from a mobile photography session I … Continue reading

My Favorite Writing Tools/My Writing Workspace

Hey all! I’m like most of y’all; you can often find me writing on my bed, or a coffeeshop (pre-pandemic), or wherever. In fact, I’m a total weirdo who often drafts on my phone via Google Docs while doing dishes. Hey, you do what you gotta. (I liked Scrivner when I had a Windows computer, … Continue reading

The Evolution of Ancient History

A Matter of Ancient History is the first book that I’ve completed and polished and queried. It’s not the first I’ve written, but the less said about those the bett- Actually, let’s chat, because Ancient History wouldn’t exist without those attempts, and parts of each have made it in to this one. Because some version … Continue reading

Writer In Motion – Week 4, Final Draft

I was blessed to have the editorial services of the awesome Justine Manzano, who was so kind and supportive with her feedback that I squeed and giggled for about a day. In the end, not much has changed from my draft. Justine made some stylistic/grammatical changes, and honestly, I have what I think of as … Continue reading

Writer in Motion Week 3: CP Draft

Hey y’all! Coming back with Draft 3. It isn’t much changed from my self-edited draft. I actually hope it changes a lot after the editor round next week. One of my CPs said a very true thing: this doesn’t feel like a short story and instead more like a scene from a novel. Which: fair. … Continue reading

Writer In Motion Draft 2 (self-edit)

I loved the character conflicts in my first draft, but it wasn’t a cohesive story, and it had waaay to much information. Very on-brand for me, really. As I had never written a short story before, I had to do some research on the best components of one. I came across these categories (not very … Continue reading

Writer in Motion Week One: The First Draft (unedited)

::deep breaths:: Ok, this is my first draft. I like the character and the imagery, but the problem is… As far as I know, this isn’t a short story yet. More like an excerpt. I tried to end it in such a way there was a resolution, but I think I spent too much time … Continue reading

Moments I love from (mostly) SFF media

Do y’all ever have imagery or lines that send a chill down your spine? Or those stand-up-and-cheer moments from stories that make your heart soar? I have some. And I feel like all my writing is just me, trying to replicate those feelings. Here are some of mine. Battlestar Galactica, intro/scene – when Laura Roslin … Continue reading

How I read 100+ books a year…and why

Note: a more comprehensive version of this article was posted on my personal, non-author blog. This also doesn’t discuss the pain of reading during a honest-to-god pandemic, so… Why read? Whatever you think of certain leaders or politicians, many of the most successful ones read a ton. I used to work for General McChrystal and … Continue reading

A few of my favorite things (books, just books)

I always feel weird thinking about my favorite this or that, because favorite doesn’t always mean favorite. I mean, Love Actually is one of my favorite movies but really, when I watch it, I snark on it a ton and reread Lindy West’s seminal post on it as tribute. It’s a Christmas tradition. Or, for … Continue reading

On Writing

“Write what you know.” No four words have elicited more anxiety from aspiring creatives. I love to write.  When I was 16 I was trying to choose between Dartmouth and Georgetown.  I wanted to double major in creative writing and in government and I was torn between a really awesome international relations major at Georgetown … Continue reading

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