Writer In Motion Week 4: The Professional Editor

It’s the final week! I got the awesome services of Kota Rayne. They had really nice things to say about my story, especially the two things I know are my strengths: the dialogue and the incremental lead-up to the ending. But they wanted to see a little more in terms of motivations: why is Karenna … Continue reading

Writer In Motion Week 3- The CP Edit

I had two really awesome CPs assigned to me this week! I really enjoyed reading their stories, and their comments on mine were so helpful. The main thing they both said was that there was quite a lot of information up front in the story. I was worried about that, so it was good to … Continue reading

Writer In Motion Week 2: The Self Edit

Welcome to anooooother week! Unlike last season, I didn’t jump immediately into self-editing. In fact, I put it off, mostly because I didn’t have a plan. Last year I created a world out of whole cloth, and so a lot of my self edits was thinking about if my random world-building made sense. The other … Continue reading

Writer in Motion Week One: The First Draft

Last week, I blogged my first impressions on this season’s prompt. I knew I wanted to write from a male point of view, and I wanted to do something with the idea of something turning to ashes or dust. I also love adding dorky linguistic things into my short story (I am not a linguist, … Continue reading

Writer In Motion First Impressions

Hello and welcome to another season of Writer In Motion. This prompt is not what I was expecting! Especially after last season! Unlike last year, when I looked at it and knew exactly what I wanted to write, this time I’m at a bit of a loss. I even asked my kids what impressions they … Continue reading

More of my favorite writing/organizational things

In January, I wrote the most rambly post ever about organizational and writing tools when one has ADHD. I have a few updates. Hopefully, it’ll be less all-over-the-place. SAD Lamp: I had mentioned I was getting a huge lamp for my desk to replace the tiny pink one. Although I’m in a room that technically … Continue reading

Cell phone photography 101

I’m a hobbyist photographer with a lot of fun gear, but the more I focus on writing, the less I carry my big camera around. Phone cameras are great these days, and I’ve been asked before to give some tips and tricks, so I thought I’d post some excerpts from a mobile photography session I … Continue reading

My Favorite Writing Tools/My Writing Workspace

Hey all! I’m like most of y’all; you can often find me writing on my bed, or a coffeeshop (pre-pandemic), or wherever. In fact, I’m a total weirdo who often drafts on my phone via Google Docs while doing dishes. Hey, you do what you gotta. (I liked Scrivner when I had a Windows computer, … Continue reading

The Evolution of Ancient History

A Matter of Ancient History is the first book that I’ve completed and polished and queried. It’s not the first I’ve written, but the less said about those the bett- Actually, let’s chat, because Ancient History wouldn’t exist without those attempts, and parts of each have made it in to this one. Because some version … Continue reading

Writer In Motion – Week 4, Final Draft

I was blessed to have the editorial services of the awesome Justine Manzano, who was so kind and supportive with her feedback that I squeed and giggled for about a day. In the end, not much has changed from my draft. Justine made some stylistic/grammatical changes, and honestly, I have what I think of as … Continue reading

Writer in Motion Week 3: CP Draft

Hey y’all! Coming back with Draft 3. It isn’t much changed from my self-edited draft. I actually hope it changes a lot after the editor round next week. One of my CPs said a very true thing: this doesn’t feel like a short story and instead more like a scene from a novel. Which: fair. … Continue reading

Writer In Motion Draft 2 (self-edit)

I loved the character conflicts in my first draft, but it wasn’t a cohesive story, and it had waaay to much information. Very on-brand for me, really. As I had never written a short story before, I had to do some research on the best components of one. I came across these categories (not very … Continue reading

Writer in Motion Week One: The First Draft (unedited)

::deep breaths:: Ok, this is my first draft. I like the character and the imagery, but the problem is… As far as I know, this isn’t a short story yet. More like an excerpt. I tried to end it in such a way there was a resolution, but I think I spent too much time … Continue reading

I Said What I Said: An open letter to my racist alma mater

Recently, a group of alumni from the school I went to from Kindergarten to 12th grade sent an open letter to the school administration asking it to take steps to acknowledge its racist history (it was a white flight school founded after Brown v Board) and amend the curriculum to teach anti-racism and non-colonialist perspectives. … Continue reading

Moments I love from (mostly) SFF media

Do y’all ever have imagery or lines that send a chill down your spine? Or those stand-up-and-cheer moments from stories that make your heart soar? I have some. And I feel like all my writing is just me, trying to replicate those feelings. Here are some of mine. Battlestar Galactica, intro/scene – when Laura Roslin … Continue reading

How I read 100+ books a year…and why

Note: a more comprehensive version of this article was posted on my personal, non-author blog. This also doesn’t discuss the pain of reading during a honest-to-god pandemic, so… Why read? Whatever you think of certain leaders or politicians, many of the most successful ones read a ton. I used to work for General McChrystal and … Continue reading

A few of my favorite things (books, just books)

I always feel weird thinking about my favorite this or that, because favorite doesn’t always mean favorite. I mean, Love Actually is one of my favorite movies but really, when I watch it, I snark on it a ton and reread Lindy West’s seminal post on it as tribute. It’s a Christmas tradition. Or, for … Continue reading

On Writing

“Write what you know.” No four words have elicited more anxiety from aspiring creatives. I love to write.  When I was 16 I was trying to choose between Dartmouth and Georgetown.  I wanted to double major in creative writing and in government and I was torn between a really awesome international relations major at Georgetown … Continue reading

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