A novel told in reverse about a woman who helps the FBI track down a mole—but without giving away her own treason in the process.

CIA officer Helena Deane is under suspicion for espionage—and the FBI squad investigating her is being led by her own husband. She knows the true mole is one of her colleagues. The spy is not only responsible for providing information that leads to at least nine deaths, but is also a hands-on killer, one who six years ago murdered Helena’s asset.

In order to clear her name, Helena works with the FBI to uncover the culprit. But after one of her colleagues shoots himself after being confronted with the evidence, Helena knows it’s not the end of her journey. It’s only the beginning.

But confronting the truth means facing the damage she’s wrought along the way. Working backwards—from the endgame to six years before—Helena seeks redemption for her own betrayals while tracking down a mole, a handler, and the dangerous spy chief behind it all—someone Helena knows quite intimately. But if her secrets get exposed, there goes her marriage…and possibly, her life.