Infernal Her Grace

HONOR HARRINGTON, if it actually examined its themes of imperialism and colonialism

Hattie fights to get her throne back from a dictator… In order to destroy the entire monarchy forever.

I haven’t lived as a queen… But I’m going to die one.

Commander Hattie Kurestin is deployed on a starship out in the far-away Frian Cluster, when she finds out her father has resigned and she’s the new Queen of Valhar. She’s looking forward to her return. Because once she secures the throne…she’s going to work to destroy the monarchy. After all, she’s a populist.

But Hattie’s throne is stolen before she can even begin her journey back. At first, she’s ambivalent; the usurpers are a peoples’ party, and perhaps they’ll kickstart Valhar into democracy way better than she could. But soon, she realizes how violent and messy the new regime really is, and she must act to save her people.

As Hattie flies around the Frian Realm in order to consolidate her power and guard against the invasion that’s soon to come from her homeworld, she discovers her self-image as ‘woman of the people’ isn’t as accurate as she thinks, and that the colonists of the Realm resent her as yet another oppressive power. When the usurpers prove to be more dangerous and crafty than expected, Hattie must figure out how to reclaim her throne for her people, without channeling the imperialist persona she’s avoided becoming her entire life. But it’s either take the drastic measures necessary to win this fight–or leave her subjects in the hands of murderers.

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