Meet Maya

I am an unpublished author of science fiction, specifically space opera, under the name Maya Darjani. You can follow me on twitter: @DarjaniMaya

Maya Darjani, jack-of-all-trades and redolent layabout

Why the pseudonym? Well, like most authors, I write to hold some sort of mirror up to our world. And the values I want to uphold in my writing, as well as the stories I want to tell, focus on inclusivity and diversity. I want to tell stories about unconventional couples. About the relationship between gender and power. I want to tell female stories, intersectional ones. I want #ownvoices ace, neurodivergent, mental health, and POC perspectives, and I want for others, too, to see themselves in my characters. I love creating worlds where people have the space to be themselves and live authentically

But I’m also a former political pundit, mostly from a center-right perspective. And to many, those two personas don’t compute. In previous years, I would argue that it was possible to be on the right and be part of a big tent coalition.

That’s no longer true. I think it used to be. I really do. But definitely no more.

I don’t think readers who would encounter my political publishing credits without context could trust in the inclusivity of my writing. And I don’t blame them. I can’t stand by the mission of publication to which I contributed or how my work was edited post submission. In fact, that’s the circumspect and professional way to put it, because I can’t find a non-shouty way to express the horror and sadness and betrayal of the last four (and more) years, and the shattering of my naive illusions about… Well, everything.

As for me, my party registration has changed. Y’all. I haven’t changed… with the exception of learning more and more. Learn better, do better.

Please, if you have any questions about my views and beliefs, feel free to reach out to me at