The Shining Palais

NOTE: This book was revised in Author Mentor Match Round 9 with my amazing mentor, Melissa Work!

Tessa lives a double life. She’s the security counselor to Finn, the leader of the planet. 

He’s her ex-husband and father of her children.

She’s still in love with him. 

But she has a far worse problem. Tessa is also a deep cover operative for an enemy planet, and turns out, her next mission is to betray him. 

After overpowered mages target and attack Finn and the children, Finn wants to remove their magic completely—a brutal action Tessa cannot support. Therefore, she contacts her handler for assistance in disrupting Finn’s response, as well as discovering the forces behind the attacks.

But every action she takes increases the chance of her being discovered as a spy. If she’s caught, not only will she be unable to prevent Finn’s retaliatory action, she’ll also fail to protect him and the kids. And when the two collide, she has to choose: fail her family, or forsake her ideals.

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A spy, deep undercover

The fate of magic, galaxy-wide

Tessa leads a double life. Devoted mother and career woman. A sleeper agent, poised to act. When the two collide, she has to choose: betray her ideals, or betray her family. 

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