Shining Palais on a Hill

Tessa Daevana is the security counselor to Finn, the leader of the planet Rula.

Finn happens to be her ex-husband. 

She’s still in love with him. 

She’s also a spy.

Tessa is a deep undercover agent for a different planet. Was. She quit the business years ago, hoping she could just become Tessa, natural-born Rulani citizen. 

But after an attack on Finn–and, by extension, their children–Tessa recontacts her former handler for assistance in protecting her family, discovering the source of the overpowered magic used in the attack, and disrupting Finn’s planned retaliation against people who may be innocent. 

But every action she takes increases the chance of her being discovered as a spy. If she’s caught, not only will she be unable to prevent her new home from committing a war crime, she’ll also fail to protect her children–and the man she still desperate loves.

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THE AMERICANS, in space, with magic

When a rogue mage threatens her children and ex-husband, Tessa must draw on her expertise to protect them, while not exposing her true identity: a sleeper agent for another planet.

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